Town of Ulster Citizens is a non-partisan, citizen-run organization focused on increasing citizen engagement and creating a better Town of Ulster NY.

The Town of Ulster is in the heart of the Hudson Valley within easy reach of the Catskill Mountains and is known as the “Business Hub” of Ulster County. was founded in January of 2018 when a group of concerned citizens gathered together out of concern for the threat of a possible gas-fired power plant, with diesel backup, being proposed behind hundreds of homes.  That was our first campaign – which we won.

We continue to be engaged in our town and county government, and take on issues we feel are important for our community.  All of our work is voluntary.


Proposed Lighting Law

Read about proposed recommendations to update our local lighting law

Conservation Advisory Council (CAC)

Sign our petition to demand that the Town of Ulster establish a CAC!

Town of Ulster Finances

A few times a year, the offers commentary and suggestions on town finances, such as: the town budget (November), the annual independent audit of the town’s finances (summer), and hearing involving town expenditures (e.g., creation of a new administrative position, Comptroller).

Callanan Industries, Mining in Town of Ulster

For many decades East Kingston in the Town of Ulster has openly complained about the effects of blasting for road aggregate on both sides of Route 32. In July 2019, our town declared a state of emergency after a dangerous rockslide from an old mine tumbled rocks into the hamlet of East Kingston.


Ulster County has been facing an affordable housing crisis for a long while.

Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (RRA)

The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (RRA) is a private company that serves a public purpose. In 2019, the RRA drafted a 10-year plan that they were about to submit to the NYS DEC for approval. The offered comments on the plan, some of which were included in the RRA final plan submitted to and approved by DEC.


GlidePath, also known as the Lincoln Park Grid Support Center (LPGSC), was the first major public project in which the ToUC.og had become involved.

Enterprise West, formerly Tech City

Most people in the Town of Ulster and the County of Ulster are cheering about the prospects of Enterprise West rising from the ashes of Tech City and IBM. Since IBM, who employed 7,000 people, closed its doors in 1995 and sold it to Alan Ginsberg in 1998, the 258 acres mostly languished in batches of grand plans. Worse, Ginsberg did not pay his taxes. Because of these tax defaults, the County now owns most of the campus west of Enterprise Drive, now called Enterprise West.