Conservation Advisory Council (CAC)

Sign the petition to demand the Town of Ulster Board establish a CAC and join us at the Town of Ulster board meeting at Town Hall in Lake Katrine on May 4th at 7pm if you’d like to speak up.

A Conservation Advisory Council is an advisory board that is appointed by the local municipality’s government body (town board in our case) that advises the legislative body, the planning and zoning boards. Their job is to inventory the open spaces, and protect the natural resources of a city or town.

CAC’s are established by a municipality under Article 12-F Section 239-X of NYS General Municipal Law. They may be established by ordinance or by local law. Read here for more information on CAC’s.

UPDATE: May 4, 2023
Thanks to everyone who showed up on May 4th to voice their support!
We had 8 spears and 30 people show up to support a creation of CAC!

UPDATE: MAY 18, 2023
On the May 18th at the Town of Ulster Meeting, the board replied to our comments. Please read their statement here.