Town Issues

Currently, the overriding issue for 2018 is the Glidepath Lincoln Park Grid Support Center. This is a proposed 20Megawatt Fracked Gas Peaker Power Plant being planned for the Town of Ulster. 

That’s right – we may get our own polluting power plant, right in our back yard. It’s proposed to be built off of Miron Lane, between 9W and Route 32. Mere hundreds of feet from homes and businesses.  


So how far are you from this? Not far enough, that’s for certain.

If you live, work, or breathe in the Town of Ulster (as well as Kingston, Port Ewen, and a host of other nearby communities), you should definitely take an interest in this. 

A good start is downloading our Fact Sheet

Then, e-mail the Ulster Town Supervisor, James Quigley 3rd. Just click the link, or if you wish, copy and paste: Tell him how you feel about this.